Kyle Cheung

Kyle Cheung Kyle is a very observant and pays extra attention to body alignment to make sure his students are training properly and under professional guidance. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced sports person, whether your goal is as simple as losing weight or as difficult as participating in a […]

Kwok Man Tai

Kwok Man Tai 郭文泰 Man Tai has always loved sports. Since he was a kid, he has enjoyed watching, playing and professionalizing it. It eventually became his passion and as he started learning more about it, he realized there are four fundamental elements that affect sport performances. The four elements are Power, Strength, Flexibility and […]

Alvin Chan

Alvin Chan 陳俊傑 Alvin has been a sports enthusiast in his teenage years . His passion for helping people to reach their fitness goal and develop a long career in this industry, makes him one of the most experienced trainers in Alive Fitness. He is highly aware of what his client needs and what problems […]

Koman Cheung

Koman Cheung 張錦良 Koman has been in the Hong Kong Bodybuilding industry since 1999. As a core member in Alive Fitness he used his knowledge and experience to help people achieve their fitness goals. Koman believes that his passion for bodybuilding can motivate and bring a positive effect to people – and he will apply […]