Kyle Cheung

Kyle is a very observant and pays extra attention to body alignment to make sure his students are training properly and under professional guidance. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced sports person, whether your goal is as simple as losing weight or as difficult as participating in a bodybuilding contest. Kyle is experienced about designing a customized and reachable training programme to meet your needs safely and effectively. 

Bulgarian Bag Certified Trainer
Certified Kettlebell Instructor
NASM Certified Trainer
IPTFA Certified Trainer
2013 HKFBF Novice Below 70kG bodybuilding Champion
Kyle 能觀察入微,尤其關注正確體位,確保學員訓練正宗與切合專業指導。無論你是運動新丁或老手,無論要的是簡單如減磅或艱鉅如參加比賽,Kyle 必以豐富經驗為你訂造獨一無二、目標可達的方案,讓你安全及見效地鍛練。

NASM 專業證書教練
IPTFA 專業證書教練
2013 香港健美健身邀請錦標賽 新秀組70公斤以下冠軍